Silver Soft Hand Sanitizer Testing

Silver Soft Hand Sanitizer

Silver SoftTM Hand Sanitizer is an exciting product that uses chelated silver to kill germs. It promises to kill 99.9994% of germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is available here on Amazon

.  I am intrigued by the potential of silver and was very excited to test this product. It is a foam hand sanitizer that does not hurt at all so my kids loved testing it. After school, I tested the hand sanitizer on my children and a few neighbor friends. First the children rubbed their dirty thumbs on an agar plate. Then I put 3 pumps of of Silver Soft Hand Sanitizer on their left fingers. That was plenty to soak the fingers. I rubbed the hand sanitizer all over the fingers with my clean gloved hands for about 15 seconds. Then I set a time and let the sanitizer dry for 1 minute to give it time to work. Then the children rubbed their silver soft fingers all over the appropriate agar plate. I repeated the procedure with Zylast and their right fingers. I put a dime sized amount of Zylast on their left fingers and rubbed it all over the fingers with my clean gloved hands. After 1 minute, the children rubbed those fingers all over another agar plate. The plates were incubated for 24 hours. My little Michael wanted to do the experiment, too. He was not coordinated enough to just rub his thumbs on a plate. So, I just tested the silver soft on his whole hands. That is why Michael is the only one that has only 2 agar plates. 

As you can see from the results, I'm having great difficulty demonstrating how wonderful Silver Soft Hand Sanitizer is. It doesn't seem to do much compared to Zylast. I have also tested colloidal silver on this page. You can order Zylast on their website Use coupon code StopNorovirus to get 10% off your order.