Poofy Organic Clean Clappers Hand Purifier Testing

Poofy Organics Clean Clappers Hand Purifier

I also tested Poofy Organics Clean Clappers Hand Purifier. This vegan product contains a bunch of all natural ingredients (water, organic aloe vera juice, organic lemon essential oil, organic cinnamon essential oil, organic clove essential oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil). It smells great! I tested it on my kids' and a neighbor kids' hands. 

When neighbor kids come over to my house, they are often asked to try out a hand sanitizer. Caitlyn came in with visibly clean hands. I  had her rub her dirty right hand onto an agar plate. Then I put 10 sprays of Clean Clappers on her left hand and rubbed it in. I let it dry for 1 minute and then she rubbed her other hand on another agar plate. As you can see, the Clean Clappers did not appear to do anything significant. 

My 3 kids had pretty dirty hands from playing outside. I put 10 sprays of Clean Clappers onto their hands, rubbed them in, let them dry for 1 minute, and rubbed their hands onto agar plates. 

I am not detecting much bacteria-killing from the Clean Clappers, unfortunately. It is a shame since I have shown that so many of those essential oils really do kill bacteria when they are concentrated. You can see those results on my essential oils page. I guess they just don't do much when diluted.