About the Scientist

About the Scientist

My name is Annie Pryor. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry from The Ohio State University. After a few years working in a research lab, I "retired" to be a stay-at-home mom. When my first baby got a terrible stomach virus that required a trip to the ER, I decided to research the subject and created my first website, www.StopTheStomachFlu.com, which is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of the dreaded stomach bugs in the world. I now have 3 children, a black labrador retriever named Luke, and a Holland lop bunny named Cream Puff who roams freely upstairs and uses a litter box. (Luke doesn't go upstairs because we don't think it would go well if Luke met the bunny.) 

About My Experiments

My desire to avoid stomach bugs led me to question whether products on the market are really killing germs like they claim on the label. So, using my research expertise, I decided to start testing products myself. I've tested cleaning products, hand sanitizers, essential oils and many other products. You can use my results to help you decide which products are best for you and your family. I cannot test products for their ability to kill viruses at home. I also cannot test for specific pathogens such as salmonella at home. Those experiments require specialized labs. I am testing products for their ability to kill or remove the bacteria in my house (which likely includes some bad pathogens like salmonella, but I won't be specifically testing for those). My experiments are relatively simple and straightforward. You can repeat them yourselves for fun or for your science fair project. I buy these agar plates to do my experiments. Read my page called Materials, Methods, and Science Fair Help if you want to do experiments like mine. 

About the Drying Racks

I also happen to be the inventor of a really useful drying rack. I invented it because I needed a convenient place next to the kitchen sink to hang baby bibs up to dry between meals. It is also perfect for drying sports water bottles, dish cloths, food-storage bags, cleaning cloths and many other items. It is 12.75 inches tall, manufactured in the USA, and is available here on Amazon

.  You can also read more about my drying racks on my website www.mommygenius.com.

About the Author

I am also very proud of my daughter, Katie Scarlett. At age 9, she has written, illustrated, and published the first 4 books in a delightful series! Princess Katie and the Fairy Tea Party 

are available on amazon. The stories are so sweet and teach about kindness, forgiveness, including others, doing the right thing, and working hard. I think every little girl would love them! Please consider buying them for a little girl that you love. Katie gets about a $2 royalty from amazon for each book sold that is getting deposited into her college savings account. You can read more about Katie and her books on her website www.princesskatiebooks.com.

My Thoughts on Being "Too Clean"

Many people are confused and think that I want to kill all the germs in the world. This is not true. There are good bacteria in our bodies and our environment that is extremely important. We need our good gut bacteria to help us digest food, make vitamins, and keep us healthy. I consider myself a "norophobe" and not a "germaphobe". I mainly detest stomach viruses and anything that will kill you. I also detest toxic chemicals. So, I don't want to waste my time using a toxic cleaning product that isn't really doing anything or isn't necessary. That is why I wanted to test these products and figure out what is best. So, I don't think you need to sterilize your entire house. It would be impossible anyway.  Our bodies, produce, carpet, floors, clothing, and environment are full of germs. Most of them are harmless or even helpful. My kids come inside covered in dirt every day and snuggle with our dog. Everyone gets PLENTY of germ exposure.  If you have ever taken a toddler outside to play, you know that they get dirt in their mouths, and it is pretty much impossible to keep them "too clean". However, from my schooling and research I have learned that most nasty illnesses are spread through poop. So, I see no harm in having a clean toilet and washing hands before eating. Washing your hands before eating, keeping a relatively sterile toilet and food preparation surfaces is not going to make a dent in the total number of germs that you are exposed to every day. It will just reduce the likelihood of you coming in contact with a terrible germ. We have a big black labrador named Luke so my floors are filthy with dog hair, mud, and dog drool. Pretty much the ONLY places in my house that are nice and clean are the toilets and food preparation surfaces. 


If you would like to help support my work, you are welcome to send me a small donation through paypal. If you really want to brighten my day, please buy one of my daughter's books. They are excellent! If you don't have a little girl to give them to, buy a copy for your local elementary school library or children's hospital. Thank you!

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