CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Testing

CleanWell® All Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell All-Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer is alcohol free and does not contain benzalkonium chloride. Its active ingredient is Thymus Vulgaris oil (Thymol .05%). It smells VERY STRONGLY of thyme. After school, my children pressed one dirty (but visibly clean) hand onto an agar plate. I put 3 pumps of Clean Well All-Natural foaming hand sanitizer on the other hand. I rubbed it in and let it dry for 2 minutes (while I held their hand up in the air so they didn't touch anything). Then they pressed their treated hand onto another agar plate. 

After a 24 hour incubation, the plates show that the CleanWell All Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer did not seem to kill much of anything. However, the CleanWell company assures me that the product really does work. They say that it only kills the bad bacteria, not the good bacteria that normally resides in your skin. I can't prove that and it has not been shown to kill norovirus.