Hand Sanitizer Testing

Hopefully, everyone knows by now that you should wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, before you prepare food, before you eat, after you handle raw meat, when you get home from work, school, or any public place, when you come in from playing outside, after changing diapers, and after handling certain pets or farm animals. However, when you can't wash your hands, many people who don't like to get sick, use hand sanitizer. I wanted to know how well hand sanitizers really work to kill germs so I tested them. Viruses do not grow on agar plates. So, my experiments are only show how well the hand sanitizer kills bacteria, yeast, and fungus which do grow on the plates. Click on the hand sanitizers that you are interested in and you can see the results. I will be adding more hand sanitizer results soon.

Tested Hand Sanitizers

In case you don't want to read everything, here is a summary. I recommend My-Shield Hand Sanitizer, Zylast, Clorox Hand Sanitizer

, or Germstar Noro because these are the hand sanitizers that are available in the US that have been tested and shown to kill a norovirus surrogate. I see no sense in using a hand sanitizer at all if it isn't going to kill the dreaded stomach bugs. You can order them on Amazon. You can also order Zylast antiseptic  from http://www.zylastdirect.com/catalog.php and use coupon code "StopNorovirus" to receive 10% off your order (That code only works on the Zylast direct website, not on Amazon). 

= Sanitizer has been tested and shown to kill norovirus AND does well on dirty hands in my experiments.

= Sanitizer has been tested and shown to kill norovirus but doesn't do well on dirty hands. 

= Sanitizer does a good job killing bacteria in my experiments.

= Sanitizer kills some bacteria in my experiments.

= I really don't see this sanitizer doing much in my experiments.