Germ-X Foaming Hand Sanitizer Testing

Germ-X® Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Germ-X Foaming Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol free hand sanitizer with the active ingredient is .13% Benzalkonium chloride. Germ-X Foaming Hand Sanitizer DOES NOT claim to kill norovirus.  I tested this hand sanitizer on my son and daughter after school. The kids pressed their dirty right hand into the plate. Then we rubbed 3 pumps of Germ-X foam onto their left hand, let it dry for 1 minute, and pressed that hand into another plate. It worked really well killing bacteria and fungus. It feels so good on your hands and does not sting like alcohol sanitizers. 

How well goes Germ-X Foaming Hand Sanitizer work on dirty hands?

In order to determine how well Germ-X foaming hand sanitizer kills germs on dirty hands, I tested my daughter's hands after she had gotten them dirty outside. She pressed her dirty right hand onto an agar plate. Then I rubbed 3 pumps of Germ-X foam on her left hand. The mud came dripping off. If I had wiped her hand with a dry towel, her hand would have been very clean. I left the mud to dry on her hand for this test, though, because I wanted to see if the bacteria in the mud were being killed. After her hand was dry, she pressed her treated left hand onto a plate. 

As you can see, Germ-X foaming hand sanitizer works great on muddy hands! This is a great sanitizer to take on picnics or to the playground! It has not been tested and shown to kill norovirus, though, so I don't rely on it.