Deodorant/Antiperspirant Spoiler Results

My results strongly suggest that some deodorants inhibit the growth of bacteria in your armpits. Inhibiting bacterial growth is one of the mechanisms by which deodorants keep you from stinking. Nuud (a silver containing deodorant) inhibited bacterial growth the most of all the deodorants I tested that don't contain aluminum. Nuud also prevented BO for days. Secret (a normal aluminum containing deodorant) also strongly inhibited bacterial growth. Lume, Fussy, and Native are natural deodorants that also did well in my experiments and are favorites of mine. Taking into account how well they block BO, how good they smell, what they contain, and how they are applied, I think my #1 favorite at the moment is Fussy.  

I've also discovered that BO does not come out of a shirt when washed on cold. The BO can then reactivate when you wear the shirt again, and it warms up. So sometimes YOU don't stink, but old BO in your shirt does. --Annie Pryor, Ph.D.